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Lemons: More than just your average garnish.

How many of you love the smell of lemons like I do? I love any citrus smell, really. For me, I find that they smell refreshing and clean. If sunshine had a smell, it would be like lemons ūüôā

Lemons are the cleansers of fruit, both internally and externally. These fresh smelling fruits are¬†used in¬†many detox diets as they cleanse the bloodstream and liver. If you don’t normally think to use lemons in your daily meal preps and would like to, you can swap out the vinegar the next time you make a your favorite vinaigrette……..I guess it would no longer classify as a vinaigrette¬†( lemonette, maybe??).¬†I will include a¬†simple oil and lemon dressing that¬†is¬†also packed with¬†nutrients to support other areas of your body.¬†Another way to add lemons into your diet is¬†with the classic lemon and water drink.¬†I would only recommend more than a couple slices of lemon to your 8 oz glass¬†if it was recommended for a liver cleanse.¬†If you’re trying to kick pop to the curb and are looking for a better substitute, try sparkling water with fresh lemon juice and add a¬†touch of¬†stevia or raw honey¬†to sweeten.

Along with being labeled a cleansing fruit, lemons are also packed with many nutrients such as antioxidants, the powerful nutrients that counteract the harmful effects from free radicals. Their antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C & Zinc make lemons great for supporting the immune system and have been used in many home remedies to aid in relieving symptoms from the common cold, influenza and for soothing sore throats.

Other beneficial nutrients that are packed into these palm sized balls of sunshine are a few of the B vitamins. They contain B1,B2,B3, Pantothenic acid( B5)¬†and B6. B vitamins serve many purposes in our bodies, but to name a few……they are helpful¬†in our nervous system functions, they aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates & fats, they are beneficial to improving fatigue, irritability and digestive disorders. Pantothenic acid is known as the anti stress vitamin.¬†In today’s fast pace society, I think we could all use a little more of this one ūüėČ

If you suffer with UTIs ( urinary tract infections), lemons along with other citrus fruits should be avoided because they produce alkaline urine and this encourages bacterial growth, compounding the UTI.


Lemony Dressing

1/2  cup of extra virgin olive oil

2 Tbsp  organic flax oil, cold pressed (

1-2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1/2- 1 whole lemon ( depending on taste preference), juiced

1/2 tsp sea salt

pinch of pepper


  • Mix with a hand held¬†blender¬†( or a regular blendar¬†,It’s¬†easier to¬†clean the hand held blender afterwards. Blend for 15-30 seconds and your done!¬†¬† Super easy right?

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