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Banana Coconut Smoothie

I stumbled upon a variation of this drink ages ago when I was in my teens. I can’t remember how or why I decided it would be a good idea to put a frozen banana, vanilla and some milk into a blender. It might have had something to do with all the infomercials I had been watching at the time. There was this particular show that stuck out in my mind the most……..they were selling this high powered handheld blender, might’ve been the first one of its day, and they were making ice cream out of frozen bananas with it…….That’s right folks, banana ice cream has been round since the dawn of man ( ok, I’m not that old 😉 ) and isn’t just a new trend. I must have figured that adding milk to this banana ice cream would sort of turn it into a milk shake and voila! it kind of did. It tasted great and I was hooked!


Aside from being super delicious and easy, this little tasty treat is healthy and comes packed with nutrients. I get excited about foods that can satisfy my taste buds and nourish my body’s cells simultaneously. The majority of food on the shelves today have only been created to satisfy our taste buds and end up leaving our cells high and dry. These “satisfying” factory foods aren’t only nutrient deficient, they can even deplete us of the nutrients that our bodies have stored.


Bananas are a great source of potassium which make them beneficial to those suffering with hypertension, edema and heart disorders. Some other key, heart healthy nutrients packed into bananas are magnesium, biotin, B1 and the antioxidants like vitamin C & E.

I added coconut milk to this recipe for its decadent creamy texture and slight coconut taste. You could use a light coconut milk for this recipe if you prefer a less creamy taste.

There isn’t any added sugar in this recipe because  bananas tend to add enough sweetness to most recipes. For a sweeter taste pick spotted or browning bananas, these are usually the ones you’ll want to toss into your freezer anyway. To save a little time later, you can cut the bananas up and lay them on a parchment covered pan to freeze. Once frozen, add them to a freezer bag or container and place back into the freezer.





2  Frozen bananas, cut up

1/2 cup organic soy milk or almond milk

1/2 cup of full fat coconut milk

2 tbsp shredded coconut, unsweetened

1/4  tsp vanilla

Place liquids into the blender first and then add in frozen banana and shredded coconut. Blend on low for a couple seconds to get things going and then on high until well blended.

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think and leave a comment below 🙂


Stacy, R.H.N





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