Services and Fees

60-90 min Health Concern Consultation $120

During these sessions we will go over your main health concerns and address the root issues that are connected to these concerns. This will all be done by reviewing your current diet, lifestyle and any symptoms you may be experiencing. These things will be recorded in the forms that will be sent you prior to your appointment. I will be making dietary and supplementary recommendations based on any imbalances that are in connection to your health concerns. Along with this, I will include a 3-4 day sample meal plan to get you going.

30-60 min Follow up appointment $60

These appointments are usually scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation to go over progress, discuss any concerns, and to see what our next plan of action should be.

Basic Sample Menu Plan $60-$80

Are you wanting to change your current diet to a plant based, vegetarian, whole foods diet but aren’t sure how to do it healthy? or have you been on these diets and need a little inspiration? I can make up a 3-4 day menu plan, highlighting key ingredients to keep it balanced and get you started.

Specific Menu Plans $80

These can be made up for specific times and events. ( These can help but they cant replace a root issue in your health.)
•Spring Detox
•Immune support
•Sugar Detox

These menu plans are done up in a 3-5 day menu plan along with key ingredients and supplementation to focus on.

Appointments that aren’t local can be done via skype, face time or over the phone.

Just a quick note to those of you living in Alberta, due to certain rules and regulations through the Alberta Health Professions Act, I wont be able to help you as a nutritionist. However, I can help you to find a Holistic Nutritional Consultant in your area.

Stacy Unruh, R.H.N